“Obama’s stealthy signing of a bill over Christmas that allows the Pentagon to indefinitely lock up American citizens accused of “terrorism” without trial has deeply alarmed many Americans. Even George W. Bush didn’t do this.”

Eric Margolis, Foreign Correspondent



Eric, like the rest of the main stream media, evidently does not think the fact the President of The United States specifically repealed the right to Habeus Corpus on the Eve of the New Year of The Lord 2012 is that important to be concerned about by his casual passing mention of it. Eric, more than most of us, would know what Military regimes with that kind of Legal authority can do to their population.

What is the N.D.A.A.?

The 2012 N.D.A.A. or National Defense Authorization Act, Sections 1021 and 1022, in short: authorizes the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of any person, including an American citizen, and applies the “Law of War,” to U.S. soil, making the United States legally a battlefield.

This should be shouted from the rooftops!!!  FOX News, who already sees no good in Obama, curiously, all their talking heads and spin doctors are silent on this serious development under his Watch. They are constantly look for any insignificant reason to criticize Obama and he handed them a whopper of a big reason for legitimate and necessary criticism! This fact by itself should cause people to wonder about Corporate control of the news media.

The Republican Presidential Aspirants remain silent about this attack on Democracy by President Obama as they speak nice sounding generalities the voters accept as substantial statements. Why do they remain silent about this attack on the fundamental bedrock of Democracy? The only reason can be they see this new Law establishing a Military regime under cover of Civilian rule in America as being useful if they take Power. Please! Anyone! Offer an alternative explanation or possibility with a comment.

This legal right and protection from the arbitrary whims of the ruling class in changing economic and political atmospheres has been the cornerstone of Democratic evolution since the Magna Carta of 1215. This is an extremely significant development as it portends to the Future for a global economy on the ropes with austerity and contraction on the way.

All human experience from the Past has established these kinds of economic circumstances move people to demonstrate on the streets. Anyone attempting to organize a peaceful, non violent protest could be “suspected” of being a terrorist or sympathizer and the Military will just come and grab them off the street or out of their home. The leaders of any Occupy Movement would be “suspect. ” The Military does not have to back up their “suspicions” with proof and evidence in a Civilian Court of Law. It would be a bureaucratic decision, not necessarily a Presidential one in the atmospheres of the Day.

Highlighting this contradiction of Democracy in discussions in the Washington Post, CNN and other sites, it appears to be of no concern to the people that Democracy has been repealed in America by the stroke of a pen. The masses are in a very deep sleep as they walk and talk. They have become deaf and dumb like the false gods and idols of gold, silver, brass, wood & iron they serve.

Doing this makes the American cracked Liberty Bell sound even more hallow as war increasingly is the instrument to spread American Democracy in the world to those regimes who don’t provide Democratic rights and protections to their people like the US just repealed.



It reminds me of the old story of when the Nazis came and took the Jews away, I paid no mind. I was not a Jew. When the Nazis came and took the gays away, I paid no mind. I was not gay. When the Nazis came and took the political opponents to those actions away, I paid no mind. I was comfortable sitting on the fence.

When the Nazis came for me………………………………………………

This is the President who came to power on the promise of closing Gitmo and this Law he signed into effect increases the logical probability there will be even more Gitmo like secret holding facilities in America few will know about except for the disappeared.

While Obama could have vetoed the Bill which he said he would out of one side of his mouth, information is now public the provision that allows the US Military to detain indefinitely anyone they “suspect” of having any connection with terrorism, is a result of his surrogates urging Congress to include the provision in Law out of the other side of his mouth. This is so extremely dangerous to any notion we have of fundamental Democratic rights and protection of the Law. There will be no civilian Judge to hear the detainee’s cries.

Obama promised not to use the extreme anti-Democratic provision of the Law he signed and now in force. What if the Republican-Christian Right get power to frame Laws and choose which ones to apply to conform America to their Christian vision according the Book and the Law? Inquisition II, anyone?

I wonder if the Harper government, who proclaims it stands on Principle so often, will take a Principled stand against the repeal of Democracy in America or remain silent for “economic benefits” to CanaDa and continues to follow the American lead? Not likely since there is increasing evidence he has no respect for Canadian Democratic traditions in CanaDa now. Only Public Pressure can make him do that if it is undertaken before it is too late.

Canadians should be more sensitive and aware of the  scenarios I see possible in this world with The President preparing the way for Military Police, Military Courts not having to meet any burden of proof or presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and Military Prisons in America.

In our not too distant Past, we saw a similar regime in Quebec with the application of The War Measures Act. People who had absolutely nothing to do with the FLQ were rounded up without justifiable reason or evidence of wrongdoing other than being sympathetic to French Quebec aspirations drowning in a sea of English. Like the Natives in the Residential Schools, they could see forces at work potentially causing them to lose their Native Language.

Long before the Global Occupy Movement, while the English media projected Quebec Nationalism to the rest of the Country in terms of Language only, Quebec saw what English CanaDa couldn’t. The majority of workers in Quebec were French speaking, but the visible minority of the Rich living in the mansions on Mount Royal were English.

We don’t even have to go that far back. Look at the power the Police had at the G20. The Police ultimately were accountable to Civilian Authority. With the legal authority President Obama gave the Military New Year Eve, the Military is accountable only to the Military stationed right on our Border.

The implementation of The War Measures Act happened in our Canadian experience in the recent Past. I can only hope there will be aware and alert Canadians standing on Guard for CanaDa for the near Future.

THE INAUGURATION OF POLICE STATE USA 2012. Obama Signs the “National Defense Authorization Act”

Who cares! I want an iPad to play the latest video game.

Somebody has to do it and seeing not many are, the comment above made in the Website of Eric Margolis, Foreign Correspondent,was sent out to the first last and the last first.

From: Ray Cormier
Sent: January-11-12 1:33:56 PM
To: info@gg.ca; pm@pm.gc.ca
Subject: FW: Can You See?

From: Ray Cormier
To: national@cbc.ca; news@ctv.ca; politics@cbc.ca; power-play@ctv.ca; pov@cbc.ca; connect@cbc.ca; exchange@cbc.ca
Subject: FW: Can You See?
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 13:31:17 +0000

From: Ray Cormier
To: nycole.turmel@parl.gc.ca; raeb@parl.gc.ca; davies.l@parl.gc.ca; cotler.i@parl.gc.ca; dewar.p@parl.gc.ca; trudeau.j@parl.gc.ca; harbm@sen.parl.gc.ca
Subject: Can You See?
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 12:45:10 +0000

Honorable Members,

The following comment is posted in the Website of Eric Margolis, Foreign Correspondent.

All of you abdicate your Democratic Responsibilities to the People and The Truth if you remain silent on this extremely significant development.

We should realize the differences between CanaDa, the True North, Strong and Free if we reach for it, and our American neighbors with this new development as the War of 1812 is commemorated.

There are risks to preserving Freedom as you love to remind the people!

Citizen photo – ‘2nd Police Warning for God’s Emissary’ September 10,1977

Chris Hedges and others took the Constitutionality of this provision of the NDAA to a Federal Court and was successful in having this section overturned and declared un-Constitutional.

Chris Hedges Hails “Monumental” Ruling Blocking NDAA Indefinite Detention

The White House won’t give up. They are appealing the Court Injunction that stops the US government, at some level of bureaucratic decision, from determining that an American citizen or any individual deemed “troublesome” anywhere can just just be  grabbed off the street and Renditioned to some Gulag somewhere with no legal rights or recourse to a Lawyer or the 1 phone call whatsoever. They would just disappear and no one would know where they are!

That Lawsuit was stopped in the US Courts, and the most draconian measures in the 2012 NDAA are passed into Law, for when the circumstances of the Times arise. Looking at this World Today, it may be sooner than most People dare think!

Mainline US and Canadian media have abdicated their responsibility to the Public and the Truth by not reporting in depth on what is at stake for our common future. The people will be sprung in a trap unawares.

Years ago, Futuristic movies portrayed the possibilities of governmental Big Brother taking over clandestinely as the people remained asleep unawares to the small steps taken in small bites that will eventually remove any vestiges of Democracy as we have known it, especially the rights and protections limiting the excessive, illegal, UN-Democratic activities of our own governments.

Watching the video below featuring a long serving, ex-member, whistle blower, of The National Security Agency (NSA)


Sunday, December 21, 2014.

This video of a speech by President Kennedy in 1961 was brought to my attention just this morning, and is more appropriate for our Times than when the President gave it.


  1. It seems we are a small minority being concerned about this, Lee. What I find curious is why FOX news does not run with it? They look for anything to discredit Obama, and their talking heads are ignoring this dangerous development, a gift for Obama haters.

    The Republican Presidential Candidates have not mentioned this at all. I can only speculate the reason is because they hope to take control of the Power and they like this new provision of the Law.


  2. Ray

    That “old story” you referred to probably originated with this Protestant minister in post war Germany, who survived ww2 in the company of Karl Barth and the martyred Dietrich Bonnhoffer–

    Martin Niemöller 1892-1984

    Since his death Martin Niemöller has achieved a great deal of fame for a poem entitled “First they Came for the Communists.” However, there is some dispute about when Niemöller wrote the poem and whether it has been altered by others over the years.

    Niemöller’s biographers, Dietmar Schmidt (1959) and James Bentley (1984) do not mention the poem. When it appears in books the origins of the poem are rarely given. A couple of sources claim that according to Niemöller’s wife, Sybil Niemöller, the poem dates back to a meeting with a group of students in 1946. One student asked: “How could it happen?” The story claims that Niemöller answered the question with the poem. The fact that Sybil Niemöller is quoted as the source of the story suggests that the poem emerged after the death of Martin Niemöller. This also helps to explain why it is not included in the books by Dietmar Schmidt and James Bentley.

    Niemöller was a strong opponent of nuclear weapons. He thought the dropping of the atom bomb onHiroshima and Nagasaki was immoral. He upset the American government when he stated that afterAdolf Hitler, he thought that Harry S. Truman “was the greatest murderer in the world.”



  3. Democracy exists only in the hearts of the people in America. Our country was built on values that we hold precious but are quickly being trampled out of existence. We may not be able to stop the powerful politicos from enforcing the new fascist government in the making and may be faced with the same choices other peoples of the world are dealing with. Our only concern should be whether we are courageous enough to stand up for our rights against the powers of injustice forming as we speak. We, the people, still own this government and no military can take it away from us. To submit is to lose and to resist, even in the face of death, is to triumph. We must determine now where we stand individually and not only voice our concerns as passive citizens but stand our ground as Sovereign Citizens of this Federation that belongs to the people and not the government. The power-crazed lunatics will only go as far as we permit them. My only concern is, where are the leaders of the movement in America and why has Obama not been impeached for such treason and his right-wing cohorts jailed for conspiracy? Any attempts to save illegitimate ventures of government are futile….This is history in the making and the only the brave will survive and not succumb to the false powers of fascism that are forming…count me in as a “Sovereign Citizen” and not as a small “citizen” of the United States Government stripped of all rights.


  4. The Elected Officials Bureaucracy is willing to do these things we see going on because they all have become convinced that PEAK EARTH has arrived and its their duty to ZERO Growth and Eliminate the Consumer driven Free Market system and the only way to do this Peacefully is to do it through a systematically corrupted decline making it look like the Current economic system collapsed from within its own unregulated free market wild west self . We Have Heard Obama say this in Kansas City in a Speech remember ???
    The Globalist Government Elite working together in Concert , This is the only way we would see this cronyism continue like it is and has been doing since 2008 on the global manner it has and is with DEBT ran economies and Military actions that are further destabilizing all area resource supplies that are Free Market Consumer driven , are systematically collapsing every part of Individual Liberty with the destruction of Trust , as we see them go after Truth , Justice , and corrupt those elements so people become confused disoriented and eventually when everything is in a state of despair will be willing PEACEFULLY to EXCEPT a GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED WORLD All in the name of their Fear of Global OVERPOPULATION .
    And just as Planned as is laid out in this LINK ; http://cnsnews.com/node/75388 , and The trade policies , see here , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiIaPhvHa-w&feature=player_embedded , and here , http://economyincrisis.org/content/american-trade-policies-are-killing-the-america-economy
    , and Monetary Policies of the last 20 years of Wealth and Resource consolidation as was detailed as a blue print in the Kissinger NSSM200 study , will Created a One Star Flag One Class Society out of the USA faster than anything else…. because we have no Tool and Die Industrial base left to Manufacture and create competing products with as we out sourced our manufacturing down to just a assembly Plant of Foreign Imported parts and once the BRICS in this Story build the Resistance to the Dollar as Worlds Trade Currency USA parts Imports prices will skyrocket and CRUSH the USA Domestic markets and the US Consumers right with it !!!!



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