It is no secret the US believes it is an ‘exceptional Nation’ and the post-WWII rules that govern the behaviour of other Nations,  the US considers itself the exception to the Rules, enabling it to violate International Law with impunity as the world’s late, great Imperial Power.

The UN is located in New York, and the US pays for most of it. The Secretary-General is beholden to the US government. How can the UN Security Council or the International Court charge the US with violating International Law or the Principles of the UN Declaration?

General Wesley Clark is a retired 4-star General and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander. For those who haven’t seen it, this is a video recounting of the Time Line just days after 9/11

I came across this 2 hour talk by Ken O’keefe and watched it all. He does not have a teleprompter or notes, talking extemporaneously from his heart. He does not mention religion except peripherally, but listening to him, brought to mind many Biblical scenes and situations interspersed throughout his use of words.

In very plain talk , his Truth he shares, is very similar to the Truth I have seen from examining this world “system” through a Biblical framework. For those of you who watch the whole 2 hour video, I expect you will also admit Ken’s Truth encompasses much of what you have come to know as your Truth.

At the end of his dissertation, ultimately this video calls for “regime change” of the world system where money and the rich rule.  If we do want to change the world, the 1st place for everyone to start is changing themselves.

The video of ex US Marine Ken O’Keefe was removed by YouTube, but anyone interested can see many videos searching for him on YouTube.

…… be continued

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